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02 Mar

Assignment of a Contract Explained

This makes it important to have a great title company or real estate attorney to handle the closing. Whether you use a title company or attorney is dependent upon which...

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16 Oca

How to Start a Lucrative Virtual Bookkeeping Business Tips for Success The Enlightened Mindset

Content Other Helpful Business Plan Articles & Templates Detailed Financial Transactions And Financial Statements Tip 1 – Create Standardized Processes Looking to build a remote team? jumpstart your growth...

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05 May

Tax Deductions: Standard vs Itemized

Content How to Claim Itemized Deductions Standard Deduction vs. Itemized Deduction Did you have any out-of-pocket medical expenses? Can I claim standard deductions along with freelance business deductions? What...

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11 Nis

What is an Undeposited Funds Account?

Content QuickBooks Tip: Clean up and Fix Undeposited Funds QuickBooks Online resources What’s the Undeposited Funds Account? Deposit payments into the Undeposited Funds account in QuickBooks Desktop Dummy Account...

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25 Şub

3 Ways to Account For Accumulated Depreciation

Content Accumulated Depreciation on Balance Sheet Example How is accumulated depreciation shown in trial balance? AccountingTools You estimate the furniture’s useful life at 10 years, when it’ll be worth...

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21 Eyl

MA State Tax Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Content Ranking Individual Income Taxes on the 2023 State Business Tax Climate Index Learn More for Filing Requirements Income Tax Deductions for Massachusetts Services Massachusetts Enacts Pass-Through Entity (PTE)...

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Five Tips When Outsourcing Your Accounting Department

It’s usually best to only allow treasury access to trusted individuals. To avoid not just fraud or embezzlement, but also financial mistakes, you should rely on key individuals in...

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